Leupold Golf Rangefinders, Hunting scopes and binoculars are all market leaders in each of their categories. Historically rooted in accuracy and precision since 1907, originating for the design of long-range rifle scopes, the technology shows itself even more adept when hunting birdies and eagles. Our PinHunter Laser Technology in our Golf Rangefinders is unmatched. With accuracy up to 1/10th of a yard in the blink of an eye, our DIGITALLY eNHANCED ACCURACY (DNA) is guaranteed to give you the most accurate distance data. America’s best-trained marksmen rely on Leupold to be accurate for distances up to 1000 meters, imagine what we can do for your golf game. Whether you are hunting Birdies, Eagles or the elusive Albatross, our line of golf Rangefinders will help you become a marksman on the course.


In The Beginning: Fred Leupold & Adam Volpel- brothers-in-law and friends- go into business together. Initially the company, Leupold & Volpel began by making surveying equipment by hand


The Family Grows: Fred Leupold’s son Marcus, an avid outdoorsman, joins the company along with inventor J.C Stevens. Stevens created the Telemark, a revolutionary water level recorder that uses telephone signals to transmit information.


New Blood: Stevens son, Robert Stevens, joins the company.

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The Moment: Legend has it that while hunting one day, Marcus Leupold missed a buck because his scope was fogged. From then on, he vows to make the best rifle scope. The first scope, The Plainsman, is created.

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An Addition: Jack Slack, an avid hunter, and skilled marksman joins the company. He married Marcus’s daughter and became part of the family.

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Growth: Scopes are being mass-produced and the business moves into a new manufacturing plant and headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

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Expansion: Leupold begins to supply the US military with scopes for the first time. It won’t be the last. Featuring over 30 different models the company expands and employs over 500 Americans.

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Innovation: Waterproof, long-range scopes are being produced and sold. Leupold binoculars are also now being manufactured in the United States for the first time.

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Fusion: The Illuminated Reticle technology is introduced, giving pinpoint shot placement in low-light conditions. Scope software is placed into Golf Rangefinders and Leupold Golf emerges.

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We employ over 650 hardworking employees and are the leading manufacturer of Golf Rangefinders in the market.